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Whitepixel is an open source (GPLv3) GPU-accelerated password hash auditing software for AMD/ATI graphics cards. It serves the needs of law enforcement agencies specialized in high-tech crime and penetration testers. It is currently the world's fastest single-hash MD5 brute forcer: whitepixel achieves 33.1 billion password/sec on 4 x AMD Radeon HD 5970 (see detailed hardware description).


Below: performance comparison against various tools with as many of the fastest GPUs they each support.

Below: performance comparison against various tools with the single fastest GPU they support.


Usage: ./whitepixel [OPTION]... [<hash>]

Main arguments:
  -c <charset>    Generate candidate passwords using the specified charset
                  which can be:
                    lower  Lowercase
                    upper  Uppercase
                    digit  Digits
                    print  Printable ASCII characters and space [0x20-0x7e]
                    all    All bytes [0x00-0xff]
                  (default: lower)
  -l <length>     Attack passwords of this length (default 5)
  <hash>          MD5 hash to attack (default 00...00)

Other arguments:
  -d <tgt>        Show disassembled kernel for given target and exit
                  (<tgt> is the numerical CAL_TARGET_* value)
  -e              Enable experimental BFI_INT instructions for higher
                  performance (default disabled)
  -g <nr-gpus>    Only use first <nr-gpus> GPU devices (default all)
  -h              Print this help
  -i <iterations> Number of iterations of the main brute forcing loop
                  (default depends on charset)
  -t <nr-threads> Number of threads to run per SIMD (default 256)
  -u              Run internal unit tests and exit
  -v              Verbose mode (-vv for very verbose)


Below: whitepixel v2 running on 4 dual-GPU HD 5970

-Marc Bevand